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Activate the deep muscles and the spine

Slowly inhale, then lift your legs over your head, slowly return. Inhale, contact legs and swirl it move slightly to the right. The left side of the body must not be moved from the pad. The abdominal muscles are tightened. Then go back and both legs stretch forward over the ground, toes pointing up.

Then do the same circular motion to the left. After completing the circle return to the starting position. Start in the basic position To activate the deep muscles and the spine is bent into an arc. Wide open the knees and put his arms between them. Palms Pass to the bottom over and grab the ankles.  Truth About Fat Burning Foods Review

The feet are dialed for you. Face the ankles. Keep shoulders relaxed and stabilize the scapula. With a touch pad to make the swing, but do not place your head or shoulders on the floor! With the power of breath abdominal muscles take a swing back, do not place your feet on the ground.

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